My Teacher Hilda (Releasing on June 15, 2017 ...)

It's Nora's first day at the Bumble Bee Academy daycare. She is nervous that she would be away from her parents and would have to spend a day with strangers. She has been crying in her car seat as her dad drove her to the daycare. As soon as she meets the class teacher, Hilda, and other kids in her class, she falls in love with each one of them. Hilda and the kids in the class also welcome Nora wholeheartedly and engage her on a number of fun filled games and learning activities. After her first day, she tells her dad how much she loved her class and that she learned so many new things. Playing is an important part of children's learning and development.

My Teacher Hilda: Nora Finds New Friends is the collection of first three episodes in the series My Teacher Hilda. The center stage of this series is the Bumble Bee Academy, a daycare for children run by Hilda, the head teacher. Appropriate for the kids in the age ranges 3 years to 8 years, the series focuses on play based early learning. The children would not only learn from the amazing animal characters but also fully enjoy the fun filled activities that Hilda's class engages in.

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