A Window to Young Minds - the list of stories.

1. The Skyfarer’s Daughter

by Cate Pitterle
When Janis Gull, a pirate aboard the sky’s most feared ship, finds love for the first time, she’s determined to cling to it. But her disapproving father threatens their romance, infuriating her--and pitting her against her own heart.

2. An Unexpected Journey

by Charlotte Menke
In 1937, German brothers Peter and Hans are forced to leave their mother behind and flee their home country in search of a better life in America. The boys are of a lucky few to board the famous Hindenburg, and Peter promises himself to be the father figure Hans will never have. When disaster strikes on the airship, and the lives of his loved ones are on the line, can Peter be the hero his younger brother needs?

3. Spoilers of the Future

by Sreya Vannapagari

Philip has never been big on dating. It always seemed so pointless to him, seeing as he possesses a special power that allows him to witness the outcome of any relationship he wants to develop. The power is both a blessing and a curse, but Philip never got the chance to test out whether his ability was accurate. When the opportunity to do so presents itself, Philip is nervous about what might happen, but decides that taking the chance would provide far more benefits than it would risks.

4. Wynter

by Ayanna Schubert

Alone in the wilderness and snow, a little girl desperately clings to the idea that her father hasn’t abandoned her. But the voice in her head constantly tells her otherwise. All she can do is wait for him to return. The question is, will he return before it’s too late?

5. The King of the Board

by Sonia Birla

Before the messenger of the gods had paid Allen a visit, he was the kid everyone laughed at and pitied. The messenger gave Allen the opportunity to redo the one day that led to his demise: the day his grandfather died.

6. The Rendering

by Cate Pitterle

In a world where every child is assigned a weapon at their coming-of-age ceremony, Sophy Thiara dreams of joining the army and fighting for her country. However, her ceremony is far from perfect. Finding herself with a weapon she doesn’t even know how to wield, Sophy's dream seems over. But her weapon might hold unspeakable power. Could Sophy be destined for something greater?

7. The Day I Lost My Memory

by Soumya Shenoy

Country girl Sarah loses her memory in a tragic accident. Stuck in a tornado of emotions, she embarks on a journey to find herself.

8. Promise

by Huda Haque

Thea is a young teenager who lives with her parents in a government-controlled society where she has always felt like everything in her "orderly" world is a little off. One fateful night, a mysterious intruder comes into her house and in turn changes her world forever. She becomes aware of her potential, and the new responsibilities that she now holds set her on a life path she had never imagined before.

9. The Black Umbrella

by Sonia Birla

Monday mornings are never good. Rainy Monday mornings are worse. Samantha had just about made it to her workplace when she saw a mother and her newborn stuck outside the grocery store. Without forethought, she handed her umbrella to the woman. This was the start of a series of umbrella handovers that couldn’t have ended in a better way.

10. Escaping the Rising Storm

by Logan M. Egle

Two young boys and a girl are forced to flee from their home island, Lothbrok, as the outsiders pillage it. As they face life threatening conditions, will they learn to survive?

11. Paper Airplanes

by Debra Adamolekun

Callum is in love. Shay has a secret. And the night wants nothing more than to bring them together.

12. The Mystery of Mr. Linden’s Library

by Soumya Shenoy

Jamie has just moved from a vibrant city in California to a village in Ohio. She is sure that life is going to be dull hereafter until she discovers Mr. Lindens library. But soon her excitement turns into a panic situation when a harmless lie from her causes a deep trouble she needs to handle all by herself.

13. Scorpion on the Rock

by Niharika Thuppanna

Raju takes a break from a tedious job assigned to him by his grandmother. When Raju is bitten by a scorpion, away from his home, he must find a way to get back safely.

14. A Medicine of Love

by Hannah Won

When Mr. & Mrs. Smith adopted Ryan as their son, they had no inkling of the tension it was to create in their house.

15. Mr. Schaeffer’s Trench Coat

by Tarisha Badaya

During the year 2002, when an 8-year-old curious little girl happens to meet an eccentric old man, they instantly discover an odd connection even though they hardly talk. When one day the old man suddenly disappears, the girl decides to find out the mystery behind the old man's life. Is she going to find more than what she is looking for?

16. Meadow’s Tale

by Kydn Aurora Meyer

Meadow had a peaceful life until Marble came to her life, opening up a whole new world in front of her. But the order of the new world is only short-lived when there is an attack from the outsiders. Meadow must protect her new friends.

17. Breaking Through

by Ankita S. Karuturi

Poppy finds herself in a fantasy world where she must run to protect her. No one she knows is around. Suddenly she meets her friend Rosie. But the circumstances separate them. Will Poppy find peace again?

18. Nature’s Music

by Christopher Joseph Maxwell

As soon as he has a child, Joseph Barnes sees a chance to fulfill the expectations he couldn’t from his own life. Is he going too far to leave an everlasting impact on his life?

19. On the Prairie

by Molly Heinold

In the 1880s, ten-year-old Christina reluctantly moves to the Dakota Territory.  With help from her family, she begins to adjust to her new life.

20. Roses

by Khloe Corrine Marie Beutler

Roses only bring sad memories to a young boy. When a young girl offers a rose to him unexpectedly, will the things change for him?

21. Dream

by Sivaranjani Velmurugan

A young boy has an amazing adventure with talking toys, but no one is ready to hear about it. Life is too busy for people around him, including his parents, teachers, and friends. Will he find someone who’s interested in his story?

22. Thirteenth Tunnel Street

by Elliot Hui

Daniel is about to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night when he is invited to a mysterious party on Thirteenth Tunnel Street. As soon as he reaches the party, Daniel realizes his fateful mistake, but was it too late?

23. I am Brisby

by Fisher Lynn Mishmash

A dog left behind by family must deal with isolation, wilderness, and life-threatening situations.