Congratulations to all the participants of our 2018 short story writing contest! Here is the full list of story ordered on the participant's names. For each of the entry, we have listed it in the order below.

Participant's Name
Parent's Name
Story Name
Story Synopsis

Aashita Chaturvedy
Vaishali Chaturvedy
Making the Journey
Nadine's perfect life has been turned upside down. Will she have the strength and resilience to regain control and find happiness?

Aidan Phipps Oneto
Francesca R. Oneto
A Tennis Ball
Francisco just started middle school and he has to contend with a bully named Jake, who is making his life miserable. Francisco knows he has to confront Jake to get the bullying to stop, but is not sure he can do it until he realizes that he is not alone.

Aleena Sebastian
Anil Sebastian
That Glowing Penny
The helpless girl lives in fear of her own family and finds comfort in small things. When her carelessness puts the only person she truly loves in danger, will she be able to find that happiness again?

Alexander Gray
Paul Gray
The last wish
When a boy and his sister find a magical wand, they're excited to use it, but they discover that it has some unexpected side effects

Ananya Athreyas
Soumya Srihari Murthy
Fleeing her hometown from a terrible drought, Dhriti made it to a harsh new existence. Her mind fixed on the only thing left in her world and its existence dangling over a dark abyss on thin strings. This tale shows us how powerful love can be.

Anaya Chaudhry
Noshin Chaudhry
Don't Judge Me!
One book. One library. And a whole lot of adventure.  In this quest be prepared to see everything from a new perspective.

Ankita Karuturi
Mamta Rao
In a distopian world from the future, overrun by zombies, a mother and child stay in their safe home, but when danger approaches from people meant to protect her, what will Veronica do?

Anna Westwig
Karen Trible
A Duel
Stranded in the middle of the Atlantic, Abshir duels the ship's captain in order to get water for himself and his crew. But he must struggle to overcome his doubt and fear to do what is best for the crew. 

Anuksha Ram Madhan
Ramapriya Raju
The year was 1994 when the ethnic tensions between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnicities of Rwanda reached an extreme and the Hutus began to hunt the Tutsis. With the world shocked by what is often considered one of the worst genocides in human history, Raissa Nirere  and her family find their lives turned upside down as they go from friend to foe. And as fate sends a storm at the once respected family, the only thing left for the Nirere family to do was run. 

Arjun Singh
Yulin Guo
The Secret Lies Within
When Samuel, a 14 year old high school student, finds a compass that may give him great fortune, he must do anything to get what is rightfully his.

Arriyannah Herring
Reihannah Herring
The Laptop 
Did you ever look back on your life, and remember how decent and nice it used to be, then try to locate the exact moment it went downhill?  For Beige, it was easy to locate, because it walked right through her door. 

Arunima Jaiswal
Bikashree Jaiswal
Unplayed Duet
In a world where angels rule and the stars are simply forgotten legends, Amie must cope with loss, emotions, and change. 

Asha Patel
Kalpana Patel
After being hit by a car, a man finds himself alone in a coma. As he comes to terms with his situation, he recounts his experiences and internal struggles. After this tragic accident, will he ever be able to return to the life he once had?

Audrey O'Donnal
Lisa Odonnal
The Star's Confusion
Shay Leir and Lanie Strickland mysteriously switch lives for a day. Shay's sister and Lanie's brother have to deal with the effects of it. 

Ava Dunwoody
Tracie Dunwoody
This Facade of Hers 
There are few things harder to watch than a girl losing sight of herself. As the mind runs rampant, her struggle to find self-identity is observed from a bystander who is closer in proximity than she might expect. 

Ayanna Schubert
Ridi Schubert
The Mysterious Disappearance of a Girl And Her Phone
A girl stands at a lonely bus stop, wondering whether the right thing to do is to leave and run away from her problems, or to stand by and watch herself delve deeper and deeper into a seemingly ever expanding darkness. The only thing keeping her connected to her old life is her phone, which she keeps on out of curiosity.

Ben Cohen
Sharon Melamed
The Tales of a Single Mom
Mary is a single mom, living in the state of Texas. She lives a simple life, and tends to keep to herself. But the world she knows is about to turn upside down when she goes shopping for groceries.

Bryn McCarren
Sybil Mercer
Fostering Relationships
A young girl in the foster system gets adopted and taken to New York to live with her "new parents." However, she never wanted to be adopted. She would have much preferred to stay in California with all of her closest friends and foster family.

Cecilia Mae Richwine
Mark and Elizabeth Richwine
Lost and Found
When Rusty, a young fox, loses his family, life becomes harsh and lonely. Then, a run-in with some cats makes things even worse. But a lucky meeting might just brighten Rusty's future.

Charlotte Menke
Carolyn & Steve Menke
The Battle that Changed us
The year is 1863. One soldier has a secret. A secret that if exposed would cause them to be dishonorably discharged. But they would rather die than weep on the doorstep, a broom in hand. In this Gettysburg reimagining, when a southern belle disguises herself as a man in order to fight the war that changed us, the events of history are altered forever.

Claribel Chen
Jing Ma
The Mystery Of The Unlikely Mood
A determined girl named Constance about the age of 10, has encountered a strange mood after her teacher has assigned a load of homework. Constance and her friend Izzy, work together to solve how and why this mood occured. Constance went to the library to research, but nothing. Then she went on the internet, but something was noticed. She saw an ad that said there was a brain research lab near her. She went there and a week later she got a response saying there was a bug in her ear. She went to the doctors and got an antibiotic that helps kill the bug. Will a bug corpse cause a new problem?  

Daphne Bargeman
Tiffany Bargeman
Space Invaders
Emmett Newby and Avery Wheeler are all but unfamiliar to explosives and spacecraft. Their time at The 1Up Arcade has taught them just about everything when is comes to dodging incoming asteroids, but Emmett's spaceship is vulnerable and unsuspecting when puppy love rains from Avery's new galaxies.

Devanshi Bhargava
Pravesh Bhargava
The Expired
Iris thought she knew how her world worked. Or rather, her Society. She waits until the time on her arm, at which point she dies. Just like that. But what happens when she lives past her death-day? And when there are others like her out there?

Elijah Bodden
Valerie Bodden
Death's Darkness
Jared discovers a dark secret hidden within his own house. Now he must find a way to ward off something sinister and ancient, older than time itself—death—lest it consume the whole world.

Ella Matterface
Gemma Matterface
Mountain Paws
A young dog, by the name of Rosie, must embark on a journey through the forest filled mountains after a tragic accident. Will Rosie find her family again? Or will she join the wild mountain wolves, who roam this territory?

Elliot Hui
Deborah Yeung
Clay Face
A young and desperate mask maker takes his shot at working for Daniel Chan, a gifted artist in the craft. Things turn awry as he is rejected, and decides to set foot on the path of redemption

Eva Beauchamp
Alexander Beauchamp
Always Beautiful

Fisher Mishmash
Sonja Mishmash
The Tidepool
A tiny, young hermit crab taken from his habitat must deal with many trials and troubles as he struggles to get back to his tidepool. Along the way he learns a great deal about himself and the world.  

Haley Fisher 
Louiseann Fisher
The Man in the Purple Suit
Rosella, a creative and hopeful fashion designer is determined to have her fashions appreciated.  Will the man in the purple suit be her answer to making her dream become reality?

Hannah Catherine Joy Aldrich
Patricia Aldrich
The War Has Just Begun
Luan, a seventeen year old private in the Union army, is left deaf, wounded, and alone after The First Battle of Bull Run. His journey to find his unit holds an unexpected turn of events

Hilary Barkey
Susie Barkey
Lily Learns Love
Constantly teased by kids at her school for having two moms, a young girl Lily ponders if others' opinion really matter as long as she has a great family.

Huda Haque
Salma Haque
A young girl struggles to come to terms with the guilt of her best friend's disappearance. 

Jacqueline Hunter
Prabdeep Singh Bajwa 
Wisps of Hope
Even a wisp of hope can lead an army, for hope is a flame that is hard to extinguish! It keeps people going and fighting, It could have caused the triumph of the Civil War in America. It might not of, but it sure ignites a flame of passion in each soul. Let the Gettysburg battle begin!

Jessica Cheung
Jason Cheung
One Of A Kind
Samantha is a struggling, 15-year old student who has an argument with her math tutor, Mrs. Parker.  She says something that she regrets, which causes Mrs. Parker to resign.  Consequently, her math grades drops.  Not only that, Samantha misses her old friend.  Will she be able to convince Mrs. Parker to return as her tutor and dear companion?

Jona Cordonier Gehring
Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger
Speaking Up for Each Other
David is a British boy who runs a youth radio show. When he investigates the informal ‘tent city’ of migrants at Calais, and meets Jason, a refugee boy from Somalia, he starts to see the world in a new way. With creativity, courage and commitment, the two kids team up to make a difference together and in the process, build an unlikely friendship.

Jordan Nelson
Kerri Nelson
Blu Birdie
Young southern girl Birdie Grey, recently suffered the loss of her father who was the main reason her family continued to live in peace. Left with no money, and no way to leave their small town, Birdie, her mother, and her nana are trapped in the sweltering heat with little rescources. The hope of a better life slowly starts to die from her mother’s eyes, and her nana’s sickness gets worse each day. Dreaming of escaping the confines of the town that pities her family, Birdie takes comfort in the birds of her namesake.

Karma Kelsey
Yun Hui Wang
The Kids Who Defied Logic
When four kids go to the park and play on the swing a weird thing happens 

Katherine Lindsey Smith T
Mandi Smith T
I wanted to embody the pain of death through this piece. However, it stops at Rock Bottom with the death of a child and does not include the consequent adaptation to grief because I wanted the story to be more relatable to those looking to recover from a recent death in their own family. Seeing their pain reflected on paper (or online) may help people to see that their despair is normal, and that they are not alone in their experiences. In addition, there is an apparent lack of religion in this text, however this does not exclude the influence of GOD in the story; most of my writing has a christian undertone that reflects my personal values. 

Khloe Beutler
Amy Beutler 
Of Memories and Feathers 
Hallie is the light in Everett's life. She makes his life anything but boring. So when Everett finds out that Hallie has to move away, he is heartbroken. On their last day together, Hallie gives Everett an important gift that could possibly change his outlook. 

Khloe Beutler 
Amy Beutler 
My name is Cambell
Campbell has what's called Ombrophobia, or the fear of rain. He has found a way to manage his phobia while he's at school...until an incident forces him to be outside during a downpour.

Kiersten Boyd
Stephanie Boyd
The Grass is Greener on Earth
There is a place were everything is peaceful.
Where time stands still.
A place where mankind has never set foot.
Or so it seems...
Follow Doctor Grayson and his crew on an enigmatic adventure across the cosmos.

Kyleigh Williamson
Bryan Williamson
The Ship of Steel
Captain Seatamer is not part of an ordinary ship. But when his ship and his crew members become endangered by a powerful storm, how will they escape? And will they?

Laura Cao
Shiqing Zhang
Every day at 7:30AM, she would see him at the crossroads.

Logan Egle
Steel of the North
When a cry of aid rings across Scandinavia, Talniir av KongsgÃ¥rd rallies his lost warriors to raid the fat lands of Saxony. 

Logan Egle
Cossack Pride
Napoleon rampages across the plains of Russia in 1812. Tsar Alexander I utilized the arms of the Cossacks, a Slavic ethnic group, to his advantage. This is one of their stories..."

Lucy Liversidge
Celeste Liversidge

Lucy Liversidge
Celeste Liversidge
Twenty Five and Counting
Jake has a boring life and a job to match. That is, until one day when he is approached online by a potential love interest.

Maggie Watson
Sheryl Watson
Dagger Jensen Saves the World
Destined for heroism, a young and adventurous boy named Dagger Jensen lives with his mother among the vast farmlands of Indiana. But, when a strange and raggedy man appears seemingly out of nowhere, their lives will be shaken and Dagger's heroism will be put to the test. Will the determined boy find a way to see past outward appearances? In order to truly restore his life and prove his fearlessness in the face of adversity, he has no other choice.

Malachi Vazquez Carr
Veronica Vazquez/Tim Carr
Gregory's Journal
A scientist named Gregory is trapped on a dangerous planet. What before he do while help arrives? Will our hero perish?

Mariya Alhussain
A New Start
A teenage girl finds out that her father is a thief. Now she has to go to Paris with her mother and  her childhood friend Sam.It will be a new start for everyone.

Mason Xavier Surratt
Rod R. Surratt
See You In Valhalla
Askell, a Viking warrior, sets out on a path of vengeance after Nidhogg, an ancient dragon with a grudge against humanity, makes him an orphan. Askell will sacrifice everything of himself in order to avenge his mother's death, and prove himself worthy of reuniting with her in Valhalla.

Maya Haugan
Shelby Haugan
Flames of Freedom

Maya Lewins
Naomi Lewins 
The Emotional and Physical Embodiment of Stars
Stars are undefinable. Overwhelmingly constant, and breathtakingly radiant in times of tranquillity and endless night skies. As Cassiel navigates the nuances of his relationship, he turns to the stars. 

Maya Lewins
Naomi Lewins 
All Things Unsaid 
There will never be a way to accurately guess someone's past. Too many variables, too many micro-memories that contribute to a person's character forever. Even if Reid sat across from her and narrated his life from sunup to sundown, Taliah will never know what to contribute to the nightmares, the frenzies, the inexplicable showcases of raw emotion and vulnerability. She isn't sure she wasn't to know either way. 

Nadia Chernich
Joseph Chernich
Here to Play
A girl from the North Pole defies geographical isolation and the gender barrier to play baseball.  Her travels and experiences lead to a better understanding of playing the game meant for everyone

Naiima Kailyn Paul
Asha Paul
Terra Voyage
Demi, the first (and only) child to be born on Mars has known the planet her entire life. But when her mother wants to them to visit her home planet of Earth, Demi will see a world she never dreamed of.

Naila Moloo
Husein Moloo
Young orphan, Megan, has one responsibility: to take care of her little sister. But when a secret is unsheathed, Megan is shattered and everything she loves is snatched away from her... and there may not be anything she can do about it.

Natalie Dellinger
Scott Dellinger
Let Me Stop You There
After their first camper is destroyed in a fire, a father and daughter venture around a suburban town. Their goal: find another camper to take them to Acadia National Park in hopes of making the dreams of a dying boy come true. But after being rejected and discouraged by the selfishness of people, the father must learn to believe again in the power of kindness and believe again that their is still more good in the world than bad. 

Nathan Barretto
Ovita Barretto
The Years We Lost
In the midst of World War 2, 14 year-old Kaito is not worried. Despite being a native of Japan, one of the axis powers, a godly emperor, fearless general, and army father have him unconcerned, and focused on other priorities. But when disaster strikes within the blink of an eye, Kaito feels despair for the first time in his life, and suddenly realizes he'd overlooked what was most important.

Niharika Thuppanna
Nataraja Thuppanna
Amatuer Inventors
Join Mary and Joe, two young inventors, in their adventure through the sky. They have created something secret that they think is amazing. However, when things start going wrong, they realize their creation is causing a few problems

Patricia Brooke Hinson
Brittany Neuman
Hormones and Homework
Claire has spent the entirety of her life in a small, dismal down, cloaked in constant cloud cover. Her sister, Victoria, has done nothing but torment her with raging hormones and drama. Not to mention, her best friend thrives on it! But on the morning of her first day of high school, Claire looks at her life to come and decides to take action: She won't allow herself to be miserable anymore. 

Pebbles Vanasse
Suzette Vanasse
Hidden Animals
A girl named Claire who always had a connection with nature goes on a ride that will change her life forever as she sets out on a horse named Luna but when an avalanche swallows Claire, Luna helps her become stronger and believe in herself that she will never forget when she discovers something deep within an animal’s spirit.

Poem Schway
Janet Schway
Nicholas seems average in every way except for one: he’s The Gluttonous Panda’s most loyal customer, eating there day in and day out. But he has a mysterious secret - he doesn’t go to the Chinese buffet for its delicious food.

Poem Schway
Janet Schway
Hephaestus, Aphrodite and Dwayne Johnson
Hephaestus, god of metalworking, is used to staying behind the scenes, letting other gods and goddesses have the spotlight while he works tirelessly to make their armor and weapons. But when it comes to love, he has to be bolder – will he be able to capture the heart of beautiful Aphrodite? Or is he doomed to remain in the shadows forever?

Quinn F Kammer
Moira Fitzgerald & Peter Kammer
A robot must decide what is best for the family he serves as they begin to grow completely dependent on him.  

Rachel Zhang
Jialing Sun
Restless Fingers
Erin Stewart is tempted by disobedience and immune to others' opinions. She is the only female hacker in her city, but is infamous for her coding talent. However, Erin is confronted by reality when she witnesses the disturbing actions of the local bus driver.

Reva Drewek
Rupali Drewek
A young girl finds that her grandmother's urn goes missing mysteriously.

Rhys Owen
Stephanie Owen
An insane narrator goes on a murderous rampage and attempts to justify his actions through a delusional defence.

Ricardo Anez
Susanna Scavazzon
The Feeling
Junior tennis player faces new feeling as he prepares for the biggest tournament of his life.

Ryan Searle
Carolyn Searle
Lantern Eyes
An airborne version of gigantism spreads in a local forest causing nearby animals to grow to unimaginable sizes. This leads to them feasting on things their own size. Humans.

Sarah Miller 
Kevin Miller
The Witching Hour 
For most of her life, Cassie has been an ordinary girl within an extraordinary family and an outcast among her peers. But when teenage girls start getting murdered, Cassie must decide whether to continue to be ordinary, or extraordinary. Either way, her life will forever be altered.

Sarah Rogers
Heather Zambrana
Dragon Slayer
Three, well-trained, noble boys have already faced defeat from the greatly dreaded dragon. With this knowledge, there isn't a soul that doesn't weep for the nobody, Mito Torrea, who has foolishly decided to try his own luck against the great dragon.

Savanna Gardner
Laura Gardner
Love Sucks

Sequoia Ayers
Jim Ayers, Macayla Ayers
The New Kid
Meg Taylor has this unique ability to measure how "dangerous" a person is on a scale of 1-10. Normally, she went by unknown, but now, something has changed. What was meant to be a blessing seems like a curse as this ability begins to wreak havoc in her life.

Sherry Sun
Cathy Chen (mother), Chen Sun (father).
Robbed with Nickels
 A mother of four struggles against the harsh circumstances of the Great Depression. She puts up a sign that reads "4 children for sale, inquire within" in hopes of providing a better life for her little ones. As each child leaves with a customer, her heart breaks a little more. She only realized the atrocious act she had committed until her broken family had reached the point of no return. 

Shruthi Subramaniyan
Dheepa Subramanian
The Destiny of the Descendant
Seliena is a strong-willed 12-year-old with a passion for art. Her entire family is bent upon fencing and her parents despise art. When she finds a long-lost photo of her idol, painter Monique Cadence, a family secret is revealed. Her great-great-great grandmother is Cadence. Her mother doesn’t accept this startling news, angering Sel. It is up to Seliena to prove that art runs in her family, and that it is her destiny. Will she convince her family, or will she never be permitted to pursue her passion?

Sienna Manning
amy manning
My Journey to Freedom
My journey to freedom Is a short story about a 98 - year old woman named Zamora, emotionally  remembering her life story through her writings in an old journal. She remembers a past where her world was not her own. She was a 16 - year old girl whose life hadn’t  even begun. She was captured and turned into a slave, taken away from family and thrown into a life where she had no control. In that time , she is able to keep going only by writing letters to her deceased father in a journal he had given her while still alive. Through both happy and tragic memories , Zamora sits remembering  a world that seemed long gone and so far away. Yet the memories come flooding back as if it was only yesterday. 

Simon Vazquez-Carr
Veronica Vazquez/Tim Carr
The Pen
A young Man named Michal moves into his Great grandfather's house. there he finds a pen with magical powers that could end the world. 

Sonia Birla
Anita Birla
Ollie and Ibby
When her husband is killed overseas, Isabel has to cope with ther loss.

Sophie Corry
An Interesting Opponent

Soumya Shenoy
Sonali Mahalaha
The New Kid
Mia is the new kid at school. When she starts getting bullied, she must learn to overcome her fear and stand up for herself.

Sylvana Poon
Hilda Cheung
It's never us and them
A culturally estranged girl finally has the opportunity to meet with her Chinese family. What follows is a tale that defies all her expectations.

Tanmay Kulkarni
Aparna Varadharajan
The Inkling
Repeatius Tedius is an inkling: half an idea. He is determined to not fail his society, but he has to find the inkling who completes his idea to do so. Otherwise, he fades from existence, leaving nothing worthwhile in the world. Follow him against leeches, wanderers, and a certain executioner with a taste for unaccomplished ideas. Will he vanish from reality, or will his idea come to fruition?

Teagan Durkin
Sean Durkin
French Fries
Mary Amelie Le Rose, a famous introvert author . . . and invisible lunch lady. Every day, as students file into the cafeteria to purchase lunch, Mary stands behind the counter unnoticed. Until one day a student recognizes her. This bratty, irritating, but brilliant student named Pallie offers her a deal. A deal that for Mary Amelie Le Rose, might just be the beginning of the end.

Tyler Harrison
Faith Harrison
Christopher Cosmos: A Story of Misfortune and Peril
Chris Cosmos, a self proclaimed and commonly recognized galactic hero, expresses his undertaking to society through his best-selling spacelogs. Yet, under the surface of his heroic facade, he is a helpless failure who always manages to emerge victorius in the end, have it be by luck, or by complete incompetence. 

Xuan Xuan (Angelina) Li
Linda Wang
Shadow Sister
A girl feels overshadowed by her sister and struggles to overcome her insecurities in the face of a momentous decision.