2019 Lune Spark Young Writers' Short Story Contest

The Judges Our judges include writers, bloggers, and other publishing professions. We're going to keep this page updated as we add more judges.

Briana Chen is an avid reader and 18-year-old author of the Five Seals YA adventure series and is currently working on its second book. She has a keen interest in all things imagination. As a young author herself, she is passionate about supporting creativity in new generations of artists.

Jodie Reed is a BA Creative Writing graduate from Falmouth University, Cornwall (UK) where her dissertation received an award and her first pieces of work were published. Since her studies, she's turned her hand to article writing for several sites as well as gaining experience in the publishing industry, while continuing to work on her first novel. She also reads over 60 books a year. She is based just outside London and can probably be found squirreled away somewhere near a radiator, with some herbal tea and the three books she's currently reading.

Osman Welela spends the right amount of time in his head. He has a degree in Computer Science and a modest skill in cooking a mean tea. He is the author of the fantasy series A Tale Of The Lost Arts. Stories shape his life more than anything else; they have done so since way before he began writing them up - he always enjoys the great ones whichever form they come in: movies, music, food, people, novels, etc. His latest work can be found at AFREADA, an online literary magazine for African writers. He lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. You can find more about him here.

Rebecca Maye Holiday is a Canadian author and student, known for her various literary short stories. Her most popular book is Necromancy Cottage, Or, The Black Art of Gnawing on Bones. Rebecca Maye lives in Nova Scotia. She was the first student to apply for a Major B.A. in Law, Justice & Society combined with a Minor in Esoteric & Occult Traditions at Dalhousie University and The University of King's College. She also has a diploma in Library Information Technology from the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC).

Vikas Khair wears many hats: a full time technology engineer, photographer, blogger, and owner of a baby booktube channel. He loves to read books and watch movies. He also has two publications out, Paths to Death: A-Z, a short stories collection, and Jhankar, a Hindi poem collection, to which he contributed 4 works.

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