Book Cover Contest - 2019

We are pleased to announce that starting this year (2019), we are allowing our participants to come up with their dream cover design for the two books. Here are the details:

  • The Book Cover Contest will start on October 01, 2019, and will end on October 15, 2019.
  • The names of the two books this year are: 1) Just One More: Stories You Can't Put Down (10-13 years book) 2) Stained Glass Myths (13-16 years book)
  • Selection of the winning cover images will be done by voting. Every contestant will be able to vote for one image per book (between Oct 15, 2019, and October 20, 2019).
  • The results of the voting will be announced by October 12, 2019. The top images in each of the two categories (books) will be awarded $100 each.
  • The selections by voting will be final and not subject to appeal.
  • Lune Spark (the organizer of the contest) reserves the right to decide if the winning cover image(s) will be used for publishing. It is possible that, in the best interest of the books, Lune Spark decides to get the cover images done by professional designers.
  • In case the winning image(s) are chosen for publishing, the artist(s) will get credit under "Cover art by:" (copyright page as well as the back cover).
  • Click here to register for the cover contest