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Our Workshops

Whether you're an individual seeking to join a scheduled workshop, interested in arranging a custom session, a corporate team in search of engaging team-building experiences, or a family desiring enjoyable activities, Lune Spark has you covered.


Lune Spark workshops offer immersive and interactive learning experiences tailored to various creative pursuits. Led by passionate experts, participants delve into diverse artistic realms, from acting and digital art to drawing, painting, filmmaking, and photography. These hands-on sessions nurture creativity, build technical skills, and encourage self-expression, fostering a vibrant and supportive artistic community. Whether you're a novice or an experienced artist, Lune Spark workshops provide a nurturing environment to explore, learn, and grow creatively.

We Offer Pre-scheduled & Custom Workshops

While our Pre-scheduled Workshops come with predetermined activities, our Custom Workshops are crafted to meet your group's specific needs. Explore the available workshops below to register for our pre-scheduled sessions online. If you're seeking a customized experience, you can provide more details for a Custom Workshop.


Family Bonding Drawing Workshop

Age: 6 Years & Up

For Families, Min Attendees: 2



Brush & Beyond Painting Workshop

Age: 18 Years & Up

Adult Workshop



Color Pencil Mastery Workshop

Age: 6 Years to 12 Years

Pre-teen Workshop



Team Building Workshop

Teens & Adults

Custom Workshop - Provide the Details Specific to Your Need


Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Wonderland Workshop

Age: 13 Years to 17 Years

Teen Workshop



Celebrate with Art Workshop

Ages: 6 Years & Up

Custom Workshop - Share the Occasion & Specific Need


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